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Freightos and Aver Logistics Partnership

Freightos.com is a global shipping marketplace where importers and manufacturers can quickly find and compare freight forwarders on metrics such as price, transit time and environmental impact. We have successfully worked with Freightos over the past five years Over 4000 shipments We are proud to provide our rates via the Freightos platform Developed API links […]

DDP Shipping

DDP shipping is a delivery agreement where the seller takes all responsibility for fees and risks associated with transporting goods until they reach the agreed destination.

Shipping from UK to Canada

Shipping from the UK to Canada using Aver Logistics leading transport solutions. Our team can provide you with a shipping method that is tailored to suit your budget and time frame. Shipping solutions are available for shipping almost any item..

Freight Shipping from US to UK

Aver Logistics provides expert freight shipping from the US to the UK with a variety of different transport options to select from. This guide will provide the necessary information to help inform upon the method that best suits your business.

FCL Shipment Guide

FCL shipping stands for ‘Full Container Load” as opposed to LCL (Less Than Container Load). This shipping mode provides the opportunity to use an entire shipping container to transport goods.

Shipping from China to the UK

This blog is all about discussing the best shipping method from China to the UK. Looking at the three main options for transporting goods and comparing the price and transit time for each. The three main options are air freight, sea freight and road freight.

LCL Shipment

LCL Shipment (Less Than Container Load) is the process of shipping goods via sea freight using a shared container with other goods. It is used for cargo loads not large enough to fill a full 20ft or 40ft shipping container.